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The demand for ordering food online is growing. The solutions restaurants and takeaway services stumble upon are often the result of a google search. For example searching for online takeaway app software presents 4 Google Ad links to software solutions that may or may not be right for your food delivery business.

How would you know they are the right solution for your food takeaway business? Essentially and simply your food ordering solution can be described in simple steps. You have a menu of items that people can choose to be cooked and delivered to. It really doesn’t get any more simple. So your solution is an online menu of items that your kitchen can cook on a daily basis, prepare to be delivered and take a payment for the order before cooking starts. Simple! But it can become complicated if you have an existing till system that is also known as EPOS – Electronic Point of Sale (and do not want to replace it!).

A very simple cost effective online ordering system for your food delivery service would typically be standalone and seperate from your existing till system. If this setup becomes a problem the only solution would be to go with a software solution that is a) more costly and b) requires setting up by the software provider.

With restaurants and pubs adapting to demand the need for the right software solution is a problem to existing services in use. A till may already be setup to take orders in person or over the phone but the same menu items being available online / internet requires integrated software or app. In most cases integration is costly and not practical. So the option for taking food orders online in most cases requires a complete new system that is integrated and acts for both offline and online orders.