Everything Changes!

Its true! Everything changes and no matter how you try to create a system the system will need to be updated! Change is often seen as costly both in time and cost. Why do things have to change? Technology has been driving change for decades.

Business A2Z Success

Business A to Z You do not need to know the A to Z of business to be successful in business! In fact you really only need to know your product or service better than your competitors! The A to Z can be picked up along your journey to success.    

How to choose the best ecommerce platform for your small business

Increasingly, businesses are choosing to sell their products online. Some use online sales to support a bricks-and-mortar store; others sell via a dedicated website as well as other marketplaces, and some just want to drive sales through a single site. Whichever category you fall into, you’ll need an online shop to sell from. And deciding …

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start online business

Start Online Business

There are many options for an online business. Selling physical products, selling digital products, promoting products sold by other, generating ad revenue, membership sites are the main options. There are offshoots to these examples but think of these options as the core online business models. Selling physical products selling digital products promoting products sold by …

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Marketing Roles

Fractional CMO “Working with an outside expert allows you to dive deep into a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis with an unbiased viewpoint. In addition, she will ask you the right questions to guide you to what is urgent versus the long-term opportunities. While this slows down the process at first and could …

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