Advertising – The Online Channels

Where should you spend your advertising budget.

Which channels are going to convert traffic and views into new business. 

You’ve been told so many things by marketing experts. 

There is simply too much information on marketing best practice.

So where do you start.  Where did you start? 

What has worked and what hasn’t worked and what is changing.

There are a lot of questions to ask and answer but the more you question and have the answers you’ll succeed. 

Maximise your success by having the answers to the fundamental questions that focus on your goals. 

You must have goals in mind and written down before you start any online advertising campaign.

A simple goal example if not an obvious one, internet user completes the form on our contact page. 

A goal is not to get a user to visit your website that is achieved by advertising and marketing! 

A goal is a measurable event that tells you if your ads and marketing are working / converting.

You know people use search engines to find what they are thinking about buying or using.  people search for information about things they want to know – How to

How to setup Adwords for example or How to use Facebook marketing.

You want to understand how to leverage the vast number of potential prospects without wasting advertising cash in the process.

The Google advertising platform can be very simple to setup.  Simple if you only use their search network only but there are many ways to use the Google search platform and it can be daunting if you venture opt for search network and partner sites or try the video advertising platform.  And that is before you have a video produced! 

To simplify the two big online advertising platforms could take 2 days, broken into a short series of classes. It may be worth considering attending a training course but if you do make sure you research the course content.  Some courses are simply out of date as the advertising platforms are constantly changing by introducing new features for advertisers.

To explain in a short paragrah lets just say – Google displays your ad messages to people who use text phrase keyword searches and facebook allows you to define your target audience by their demographics and personal interests (Google has been slowly introducing personal data and demographics for remarketing).

As you should be able to see from this simple description the ads are being displayed for very different reasons and this is where the problem arises for certain businesses seeking to turn internet users into customers.

To simplify further, on one plaform the internet user is actively searching for something specific and the other is merely consuming information at in their own leisurely time.

You should be able to determine from this which platform is going to attract the most prospects. 

However, the other way to look at the huge differences is how to use both platforms together and be visible on both to the same people searching for what you sell. 

And these leads to best practice retargetting.

This is a very simple way to start thinking about the differences between Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. 

Need help with setting up Adwords and or Facebook Ad Campaigns?

The articles selected below with help you further your understanding about the differences between Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising.

There have been some really good articles produced by some leading software businesses. 

Here are the 2 articles that will take your understanding to the next level and hopefully create clarity. 

Remember: Always define your goals (call to action) first and work on which advertising channels convert the best.…

Facebook maybe easier to set up than Google AdWords but do consider the differences and the implications this may have on your conversions.  Different channels different types of people?

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